Hello, I'm Zack!

With a decade of experience as a product designer, I bring a wealth of expertise. As a certified UX professional by the esteemed Nielsen Norman Group, I am well-versed in creating exceptional user experiences. My specialization is complex application design, enterprise systems, and design systems.

Over the past four years, I have had the exciting opportunity to consult with the Department of Defense and the Air Force. This journey has taken me to Air Force bases across the country, and I have collaborated closely with Special Investigators at NCIS, immersing myself in their world.

My entrepreneurial spirit sets me apart, infusing a unique approach to empathizing with users and pinpointing the problems that need solving. In addition, I thrive on versatility and continually expanding my skill set, readily donning various hats to tackle new challenges.

Throughout my career, I have contributed significantly to diverse industries. My impact has been far-reaching, from spearheading the formation of design teams to assuming leadership roles in non-profit organizations, financial investments, entertainment ventures, and healthcare enterprises.

If you want to explore my work and accomplishments, please click the button below and delve into my portfolio.

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