I joined SlingTV briefly after departing Transamerica. SlingTV needed a Design Lead with experience in visual design, process design and implementation, and communication skills strong enough to push tough product design decisions through executive stakeholders at Dish and in Utah at a sister company for Sling TV.

In order to familiarize me with the SlingTV product and have more empathy for the users, I performed a simple heuristic evaluation. This allowed me to grow rapport across the organization by showcasing a similar understanding of user problems, and the wants and needs of users.

My time at SlingTV was brief – a six-month contract that was quickly filled with successes and led to my role at Aetna/CVS.

My accomplishments

Interaction Architecture Apple TV: Navigating through app with remote

Apple TV & Roku Redesign

Before & After (1st is Before: the rest are after) 

Interactive Prototype for User Testing (Proto.io)

Homepage Personalized Content – Personalized content was another project of mine. I created a proto.io in order to get more realistic user feedback. (Download, unzip, open index file, then use down arrow to navigate through experience. *Video in the background might lag the experience)