Transamerica decided to bring the design in-house. A huge challenge for the massive organization that was accustomed to utilizing agencies. I was brought on as Design Lead for their flagship financial product that allowed companies to manage their employee’s enrollment in 401k plans and manage plan offerings. This was a data-intensive project that was a complete overhaul from a UX and UI standpoint.

Key Responsibilities 

– Lead UX design and research team for complex software redesign of top revenue-producing products.
– Foster team collaboration, a champion for research, and create design processes for consistency across product teams.
– Foster healthy relationships with stakeholders, product owners, and subject matter experts.
– Facilitate interviews with new talent and contribute to the development of the hiring process.

The Process 

I led a process design workshop with designers who were interested in contributing to a pilot design process — this process what proven successful and adopted by the overall design team.

PDF: Transamerica_Workplace_Design Process

Product Redesign Result Gallery (Limited in what I can show)